If you plan to kick off 2023 by undergoing your own extreme home makeover, you should find a reliable home remodeling contractor to help realize your vision. When it comes to home remodeling, a contractor helps you set expectations for your project, plan a budget, create a timeline, and coordinate with you throughout the duration of the remodel. But how do you find a good home remodeling contractor, you may ask. As you find your home remodeling contractor, keep in mind the following five signs of a good remodeling contractor.

1. The Remodeling Contractor Has Up-To-Date Credentials

One of the first things to verify about your remodeling contractor is their licensing and credentials. Always ask to see a copy of their state-issued license and record the number. Do a search to see that their license is still active. If you enter a license number that is unable to be found, move on to the following potential contractor. You should also find out if they are registered with NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry). Finding a contractor with valid, up-to-date credentials is crucial. In California, any contractor who completes projects over $500 in value must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. A remodeling contractor who can successfully maintain valid credentials is a sign of a contractor who will be dependable on timelines and offer choices that will best improve your home.

2. They Are Transparent And Responsive To Your Questions

You always want to have a checklist of questions when researching potential home remodeling contractors to execute your project and determine the best match for you. When reviewing those responses, consider how upfront or transparent the contractor was and how thoroughly they answered your questions. A contractor who can be upfront about what the remodeling process will look like and the costs associated with it will be more dependable in the long run than one who struggles to provide an answer or is vague.

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3. They Prioritize Quality

One red flag you want to look out for is a remodeling contractor who emphasizes and over-focuses on the speed at which they can complete a project. While respecting a timeline is essential, the quality of the final remodel is equally, if not just as important. You want a contractor that will work with you to realize your vision and be responsive to your needs as a homeowner. Your contractor should also understand why you need or want the remodeling job to be completed and its long-term purpose. When all is said and done, you want a remodeling contractor that will bring to life the best version of your dream remodel, not a slapdash final product.

4. They Are Well-Reviewed, And Their Past Projects Are Accessible

If you are able to access reviews for the contractor online, that will provide clear insight into their reputability. You can ask the contractor themselves about who they worked with in the past, but you also want to do as much independent research as possible. If you got in touch with a potential contractor through a recommendation, you could ask that recommender how they first got in touch with the contractor and them about that contractor’s work and professionalism. A bonus would be locating any specific projects the contractor completed and providing a more concrete sample of previous work on which to determine the potential contractor’s reliability.

5. They Are Patient And Trustworthy

Be absolutely confident that you can trust your potential remodeling contractor. The more you can trust your contractor, the smoother the remodeling process will be for everyone involved. You also need a contractor who is patient with what you, as the homeowner, need for your remodel and patient with getting through potential delays or obstacles to the remodel. If you can trust your contractor, you can be absolutely sure of getting the best job done.

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