Room Additions

Room Additions for Growing Families

One of the biggest problems you may run into when raising a family is running out of room. As you introduce new members to the family, you need more bedrooms or bathrooms. Those who want to keep an elderly family member close require additional space as well. Room additions are the best home remodeling projects to implement when more space is needed.

BetterBuilt Builders helps clients determine what type of room addition is right for their home. Many times, homeowners are unaware of their options when it comes to adding space to their house. Our team outlines all of your options no matter what type of home you have. We can find a room addition plan that can fit your budget and home.

Bedroom Additions

As families grow, bedrooms become scarce. Small homes in San Jose can experience a lack of bedrooms creating a lack of space for the whole family. Bedroom additions will help provide enough space for each of the family members. This is a type of room addition you may require when a new baby arrives or a senior family member moves in for closer care. Whatever the reason, BetterBuilt Builders will build your bedroom better than most. 

Bathroom Additions

Only having one bathroom in a house of four or five people can be stressful. Everyone in the home must rely on the one bathroom to prepare for work or school, shower, and care for themselves when necessary. Eventually, family members run into time constraints, clutter, and stress of one bathroom. Adding an additional bathroom to your home can alleviate the stress put on the bathroom. Here in San Jose, BetterBuilt Builders is dedicated to relieving the stress of lacking bathrooms using better materials and building methods.

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Room Addition Methods

Choosing the type of room you add to your home is the first step in completing your room addition project. The second part is choosing the method used to add that room. For many, they choose to add to their home’s square footage by adding a room to the side or back of the house. This is known as the contemporary room addition and the most common method. 

Still, there are other methods to consider when adding a room to your home. Other ways of adding room additions to your home include adding a second story, converting an existing room, or building a room over the garage.

These options are great solutions in certain situations, such as having no way to build horizontally on your home. Your neighborhood’s houses could sit very close to each other, allowing no way to expand on the ground level. Converting rooms is a great way to save on costs. Consider converting your attic, basement, or garage to save on your budget.

San Jose Room Additions Built Better

During a free estimate, BetterBuilt Builders will help you determine which method is best suited for your home, or you may already have an idea in mind. No matter the case, our team can complete the project using more than 15 years of experience and industry knowledge we have garnered. Give us a call or visit the contact page to fill out the form. Schedule a free estimate with our team to start expanding your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a room addition?

It depends on the size of the addition, but on average it takes three to four months.

Will I need a permit for a room addition?

Yes! Your room addition will require building permits and inspections at different points of the building process. We will obtain all of those permits for you and schedule the inspections when necessary.

Will a room addition decrease my home's curb appeal?

No. Room additions are built to look like they were always a part of the original home. We ensure the addition is properly assimilated into the existing home’s structure. That way, the beauty of your home is never tarnished. 

Will zoning or my HOA restrict a room addition?

In some cases, yes. However, almost all zoning laws and HOAs allow for some kind of addition to a home. There are many methods to adding to a home than just a single room. You could convert an existing room or the garage, build an ADU, add a bump-out addition, or even build a second story. There are several options that your zoning or HOA restrictions should allow. 

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