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Remodel More Than a Single Room

Remodeling multiple rooms simultaneously or your entire house is often avoided by homeowners because of the cost of the efforts. However, performing such large-scale projects can lead to saving money, peace of mind, and a greater overall aesthetic. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to install new flooring in your kitchen or remodel your entire house, BetterBuilt Builders has the experience and capabilities to handle any size project.

When you’re looking to tackle multiple home remodeling projects at once, we are the San Jose contractor to contact. We perform remodeling projects alongside each other constantly. Many of our clients are looking to improve more than one aspect of their home, so a multi-project service is something we happily provide.

Complete Home Remodeling Contractors That Care

At BetterBuilt Builders, we’ve handled a variety of home remodeling projects, each ranging in complexity. Our team has worked with homeowners to remodel various aspects of their homes simultaneously. We can perform multiple projects alongside each other such as a roof replacement and kitchen remodel, or flooring project and bathroom remodel. The opportunities to improve your home are limitless when our team is by your side.

We’ve also worked closely with homeowners looking to remodel their entire homes. Our home remodeling contractors know how to handle such a large-scale project in the Greater San Jose area. The project manager working with you to design and build your perfect home will ensure you are cared for throughout the project. They help you plan, design, answer questions, order materials, update you, and so much more.

When your entire home is in our hands, we treat it like it’s ours. Our customer care is at the top of our list when helping homeowners improve their homes’ beauty, comfort, and value. BetterBuilt Builders tackles every home remodeling project better than other contractors because we are better.

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Our Home Remodeling Capabilities

BetterBuilt Builders is capable of helping you improve nearly any aspect of your home. We work with all kinds of homeowners on their home remodeling projects. Each client is different, and our team can adjust according to the project’s needs.

Our team is able to handle any type of home remodeling project you may want to perform. We can also take on multiple projects at the same time if you’re looking to save on material ordering. For example, we can perform multiple room remodeling projects. We can also tackle interior and exterior remodeling projects. No matter the combination, our team has the experience and knowledge to handle the home remodeling project you are looking to complete.

When you need to remodel your home, no matter the project, reach out to BetterBuilt Builders for comprehensive home remodeling services. We offer better customer service than other contractors because we deeply care about your experience and home.

A Home Built Better

Let BetterBuilt Builders handle your home remodeling project with care, expertise, and precision. Give us a call today to start the remodeling process with a free estimate. You’ll get to meet with an experienced and knowledgeable project manager to start the planning and design process. We look forward to bringing your home remodeling vision to life!

Get in touch with our team by calling us at (668) 208-5151 or visiting our free estimate page. Our team will learn more about what you’re looking to do to your home before starting the design and planning process. BetterBuilt Builders is happy to help San Jose residents with their home remodeling projects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I remodel one room at a time or multiple rooms at once?

If you have the budget and time to remodel multiple rooms at once, we recommend you do that. It will give you peace of mind sooner and may even save you some money by bulk ordering materials. Of course, if you can’t manage such a large budget, remodeling one room at a time is good too. Many homeowners choose to chip away at their home room by room because it’s more manageable and doesn’t require a larger budget.

How long does a whole home remodel take?

It depends on the size of your home, but it could range from seven to 15 months. Upon learning more about your whole home remodeling project, we can give you an accurate estimate and timeline.

Can I live in the house during the remodel?

It depends on the scope of the project. If you are having a whole home remodel done, you’ll have to find temporary living until it’s completed. Depending on the room type, you may also need to leave home for multi-room remodeling projects. Some homeowners choose to move out temporarily for convenience too. If it’s just one room being remodeled, you’re welcome to stay in the home.

How much should I budget for a home remodel?

The budget you choose for your home remodel will vary depending on the size of your home, the areas you want to remodel, your current financial situation, and more. We recommend determining the types of styles and designs you want. From there, our team can help formulate a budget you’re comfortable with.

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