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Bathroom remodeling projects should focus on the utilization and comfort of the room. Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, next to the kitchen. If your bathroom fails to invite you inside or shed the stress of a long day, then you must consider a change. BetterBuilt Builders knows your San Jose bathroom shouldn’t just be a place for you to relieve and bathe yourself. It should also be room to pamper yourself and relax.

The bathroom is the only room in your home that closely resembles a spa, so why not turn it into that? Our designers and remodelers know what it takes to turn your outdated and cluttered bathroom into an in-house spa. With the right qualities and materials, we can make you fall in love with your bathroom so much you won’t want to leave it.

Meeting Your Needs and Desires

A bathroom doesn’t just have to meet your needs. It can also satisfy your desires without breaking your budget. BetterBuilt Builders can meet both of these areas when we learn what you are looking for in a bathroom remodeling project. From there, our designers and remodelers walk you through various options for your bathroom. You may think some of these choices may be too detailed, but we assure you they are all quite important.

We help you determine each detail and quality that goes into your bathroom because it’s the best method of meeting your needs and desires. We help you select small things like your showerhead, faucet handles, mirror, and toilet paper holder. At the same time, we help you with the big details like the flooring, vanity, and toilet. Each detail that goes into your bathroom will have an effect on your experience, which is why we are as thorough as possible.

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The Bathroom Remodeling Process

The time it will take to complete your bathroom remodeling project will vary on its size and the extent of the remodel. BetterBuilt Builders can provide a time estimate when we learn more about your project. Until then, we have outlined the process of a typical bathroom remodeling project below. Your bathroom remodel may look a little different depending on a few factors, but the overall process is the same.

Phase 1: Preparation

The preparation phase is the part of the project where we get to know you and your style. Our designers and remodelers will ask numerous questions during the free estimate and in subsequent meetings. The better we understand what you like and what you want in a bathroom, the better bathroom we can create. We also encourage our clients to ask us any questions regarding the materials, remodeling process, or our business. Before the end of this phase, our team will create a bathroom design for you, get your approval, and then obtain the necessary permits for the project.

Phase 2: Demolition

The first day of the bathroom remodeling project involves our team removing all of the old appliances and materials from the bathroom. Overall, we remove things like the flooring, shower tile, vanity, sink, toilet, and cabinets. This process will also involve removing any kind of wall for expansion or layout changes. The demolition phase may look different depending on the extent of your project.

Phase 3: Construction

Construction involves our team updating the plumbing and electrical. An inspection is required after this process, which we ensure to pass. We construct any additional walls that are needed for those who are expanding their bathroom or changing the layout. After major construction, our team can hang drywall and paint or apply tile afterward. This phase will also include the flooring installation, bathtub, toilet, vanity, and shower tile. Everything needed to go into your bathroom remodeling project will be installed during this phase.

Phase 4: Completion

The last phase of the bathroom remodeling project is the final inspection with the city and a walkthrough with you! We’ll reveal your new bathroom and get your feedback. Once you sign off on the project, you can start indulging in your new bathroom.

A Better Built Bathroom

You don’t have to live with a poorly designed or aged bathroom in San Jose. Make it better with BetterBuilt Builders. Our bathroom remodeling designers and remodelers have more than 15 years of experience crafting and building bathrooms that comfort people rather than make them stressed. Give us a call for a free estimate, or fill out the form on the contact page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does bathroom remodeling take?

A bathroom remodeling project could take anywhere from six weeks to three months. It will drastically vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

Do I need a permit to remodel my bathroom?

If you move any walls, plumbing, or electrical, you’ll require a building permit. Cosmetic updates like painting, installing new tile, and replacing cabinets do not require a building permit. 

Do I need design ideas before contacting BBB for bathroom remodeling?

You do not. If you are unsure of what you want your bathroom to look like, we can help! Simply get in touch with our team today to learn more about us and to start the process.

Can I reseal my bathtub instead of replacing it?

Yes! Resealing a bathtub is a great way to cut down on costs. This is a great option if you aren’t looking to replace your tub with a shower.

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