You are visiting the home of a friend or family member and are awestruck by their kitchen. Somehow, their wood kitchen presents a sleek, modern look that you wish your kitchen could display. Luckily, you can make that dream come true with these five modern white and wood kitchen design ideas to give your kitchen that simultaneously classic and modern appeal. 

1. Create A Modern White Wood Kitchen With White-Painted Cabinetry

Your kitchen cabinets are home to all your dishware, silverware, cookware, and many other important items for cooking, eating, and various kitchen maintenance tasks. If you own wood kitchen cabinets, you can give them a makeover with a new coat of white paint. Of course, when repainting your kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure to pick the right kind of white paint. “But isn’t white just one color?” you may be asking. White actually comes in different shades, such as eggshell, ivory, alabaster, and so many more. You want to make sure that the shade of white you choose complements your kitchen lighting so you get the best possible look for your repainted kitchen cabinets. 

modern white and wood kitchen

2. Give Your Modern White And Wood Kitchen Bold, Colorful Backsplash

Do you feel like your modern white and wood kitchen remodel vision is missing something? Do you already own a modern white and wood kitchen but feel like it needs another element to make it feel complete? One solution to these predicaments is to give a bold, colorful backsplash to your white kitchen. Picking a colorful backsplash allows the modern feeling projected by the white-painted kitchen to really pop rather than fade into the rest of your home. 

3. Use Wood Accentry To Give Your Kitchen A Homey Appearance 

If you want to add a little something to your kitchen, some wood accenture can turn your white kitchen from distant and clinical to comfortable and inviting. For example, if you own a white kitchen island, giving it a wood accenture to surround it can add that classic comforting vibe to a modern kitchen. 

4. Remodel Your Kitchen Island 

Speaking of kitchen islands, you can focus your remodel on just one part of your kitchen, and the kitchen island is the centerpiece of that part of your home. Along with the wood accenture described above, you can give a white countertop a sleek white look with material other than wood. While the body of the island can look nice and modern with a wood finish, you can use white marble or stone for your kitchen island countertop. These are just a few ideas to remodel your kitchen island with that modern white and wood look. 

5. Make Your Modern White And Wood Kitchen Extra Sleek With Very Dark Or Very Light Wood Finishing 

Whether it’s cabinetry, flooring, or even your kitchen island, an excellent wood finish can make a huge difference in enhancing your modern white and wood kitchen vision. The best way to create a contrast that highlights your kitchen aesthetic is to pick a wood finish that is either very dark or very light. A subtle wood finish will likely be washed out by the rest of your kitchen, making this scenario a rare instance where going for extremes is your best choice. 

BetterBuilt Builders Will Bring These Design Ideas To Life!

Hopefully, these ideas will bring more inspiration to either creating or enhancing your modern white and wood kitchen design. Whether you decide to go for a full kitchen remodel or remodel your kitchen one area at a time, you can be certain that BetterBuilt Builders is the best choice to bring your modern white and wood vision to life. Contact us today and get started!