A common problem kitchens run into is clutter. A number of problems may cause clutter, but the most common is a lack of storage. Fortunately, you can consider several kitchen storage ideas to reduce clutter and improve your cooking experience. Implementing these kitchen storage ideas can be done with a complete kitchen remodeling project or partial updates.

In either case, BetterBuilt Builders can help you achieve a more efficient kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling services are perfect for those who are looking to make their kitchen better in every way possible. Try using one of the kitchen storage ideas we have listed below to reduce clutter and make cooking enjoyable again.

1. Island Drawers

kitchen storage ideas: island drawers

If your kitchen doesn’t have an island already, consider installing one. Islands are great ways of adding counter space and storage to your kitchen. While some islands have appliances embedded into them or serve as seating areas, cabinets or drawers built into the island is the best way to improve storage. You can even consider a mix of these features like the image above.

Your island also doesn’t have to be built to seat people. Some homeowners decide to add stools to their island and move them when necessary. The island is one of the best places to add storage space so you can reduce the number of items on your countertops.

2. Backsplash Shelves

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Backsplash Shelves

This is one of the kitchen storage ideas that never come to mind for many homeowners. A gorgeous backsplash can do wonderful things to a kitchen’s design and style. However, it isn’t providing much in terms of functionality, so why not add some open shelves. Not only will you have more room on the countertops, but you’ll have more room in your cabinets. With open shelves on your backsplash, you can put them to good use while still enjoying their beauty.

3. Cabinets to the Ceiling

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Cabinets to the Ceiling

Most kitchen cabinets stop several inches or even a foot before the ceiling. In order to get the most out of your kitchen cabinets, send them all the way to the top of your kitchen. Once you have expanded your cabinets, you’ll notice how much more they can store. After extending them a foot or several inches, you can add an extra shelf or even two to their design. This is perfect for storing smaller dishes and food items.

4. Garbage Can Cupboard

Kitchen Storage Ideas: trash can in cabinet

Of all the qualities of your kitchen, the garbage can is one of the ugliest. Many place their garbage in the corner of the room or stored away at the end of the cabinets. These areas are not ideal for your garbage can because of how much room it can take up while also reducing the room’s beauty.

Remodeling your kitchen can help address the placement of your garbage can by installing them into your cabinets. Not only will their unsightly presence disappear, but the smell will also be minimized. A location specifically designed for your garbage is a great option to have in a modern kitchen.

5. Pull-Out Pantry

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Pull-Out Pantry

Finally, one of the last kitchen storage ideas we have is a pull-out pantry. Standard pantries require a lot of space, such as a closet. Implementing a smaller pantry into your cabinets can really do wonders for space. It may hold less, but you can always include multiple pull-out pantry cabinets. These are the perfect kitchen storage ideas for food items like non-perishables.

Upgrade With Kitchen Storage Ideas

As you can see, there are many kitchen storage ideas to consider for your home. Try integrating these ideas into your kitchen during a remodel or through your next DIY project. If you are interested in a kitchen remodeling project, contact BetterBuilt Builders today. We will offer you a free estimate for your kitchen remodel when you call us at (408) 752-1069 or visit our contact us page. You may also visit our kitchen remodeling page for more details on our services.