From zebras to dalmatians, black-and-white patterns are found everywhere in the world. Black and white patterns even inspire our own tastes, from fashion to home decor. One part of your home that can pull off a black-white pattern is your kitchen. If you want to bring this famous pattern to your home, check out these four black white, and wood kitchen ideas for your next remodeling project

1. Give Your White Kitchen Black Accenture

Sometimes, all a white kitchen needs is a drop of contrast to make it stand out more. In fact, wall accenture is expected to be a rising trend in 2023, so giving your white kitchen some black accenture will not only spruce up your kitchen but keep it in style. Some examples of incorporating black accenture into your white kitchen include black handles for white cabinetry or installing a black appliance in your mostly white kitchen. 

black white and wood kitchen

2. Black Kitchen Hardware Complements A White Kitchen 

Another way to approach creating a black white and wood kitchen that makes you feel at home is to install black hardware to amplify the contrast with the white of your kitchen. You want to be sure that the use of black in your kitchen does not overwhelm the natural light brought in by the white. The key to an effective black white and wood kitchen is to ensure a balance in the color so that neither shade overwhelms the other. 

3. Black And White Tile Patterns Look Great With White Wood Cabinetry

If your kitchen uses white wood cabinetry, one of the best ways to complement said cabinets is to install floor tiles with black and white patterns. Understandably though, you might be wondering what the best tile material to use is for your kitchen floor, as well as what black and white pattern to install. The good news is that there are plenty of tile material options that will make your kitchen decorative, durable, and accessible. The most popular of these tile options are mosaic, marble, porcelain, and ceramic tile, with the last two being particularly notable for their durability. 

Concerning black and white tile patterns, there are many options from which you can choose. There are the classic and timeless geometric patterns that can come in many forms. Basketweave and floral patterns are also popular floor designs. Of course, whether you wish to utilize a black-on-white or white-on-black scheme depends on your own tastes. 

4. Black White And Wood Kitchens Match Well With Marble 

If you own a black white and wood kitchen, you can still enhance its charm by adding marble. To accompany the wood cabinetry and black and white tile flooring, marble countertops will make your kitchen the envy of your neighborhood. In kitchens, most marble is found on the island countertop. As for colors, marble can come in black or white, so make sure you pick the shade that will be the least overwhelming when installed in your kitchen. If you choose to install marble in your kitchen, be certain that you can commit to maintaining it as needed. 

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