No home is complete without the addition of decorations. Without them, your home would be bare and nothing more than an empty shell. Decor is what truly makes a home your own. That said, you want to know which approach to take when decorating your home. If you are conscientious of your environmental impact, sustainable home decor is a viable option. But how do you go about including sustainable home decor in your living space? Luckily, you can use this guide to help you get started.

Why Invest In Sustainable Home Decor

Before diving into this guide, you want to know what else you might gain from investing in sustainable home decor. By investing in sustainable materials or upcycled furniture and items to adorn your home, you will reduce waste and save money. You will also keep your home interior aesthetically pleasing while reducing your carbon footprint.

Your Sustainable Home Decor Guide

This sustainable home decor guide will introduce you to the many options available to keep your home stylish and green. Now that you know what you’ll gain from decorating your home with sustainable materials, here are a few ways to go about this:


The simplest kind of sustainable home decor to use is houseplants. This option is viable, whether you’re a green thumb or someone who may not be great with plants at all. There are easy plants that allow you to only water them once in a while, so you don’t have to worry about them suddenly dying on your watch. The inclusion of this greenery will brighten your day and your mood.

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Non-Toxic Paint And/Or Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

The walls of your home are a canvas you can adorn in whatever way you please. Instead of going with mass-produced wallpaper choices or standard wall paint, look for non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives. In fact, a lot of eco-friendly wallpaper is made from recycled paper or natural fibers such as hemp, reed, and others. As far as non-toxic paint is concerned, check out brands such as Country Chic, Valspar, Clare, Green Planet Paints, or even SuperPaint from Sherman Williams.

Upcycled Funiture

When something is upcycled, it means something is being reused or repurposed. Furniture is one item that is often upcycled. Giving disposed furniture a new lease on life will also help reduce waste, as, according to the EPA, nine million tons of furniture end up in landfills. You can easily refurbish upcycled furniture and give it new charm and character without breaking the bank on a brand-new couch.

Sustainable Materials

Finally, one major principle you want to keep in mind with sustainable home decor is to use sustainable materials. You can patronize companies that are focused on distributing items made from those materials. Bamboo, cotton, jute, and wool are just some notable examples of sustainable materials used for home decor. For example, you can use a bamboo partition to divide certain areas of a room in your home or invest in linens made of organic cotton.

Go For Green Chic With BetterBuilt Builders

We hope that the four ideas outlined in this guide to sustainable home decor will allow you to successfully start furnishing your home in a way that combines eco-friendliness with a sense of style. Of course, if you live in California, you want to hire the best home remodeling and design team to help you achieve such a feat. Luckily, that team happens to be BetterBuilt Builders. We are committed to excellent customer service and the use of sustainable materials in our work, so you can trust us to make your home more green. Contact us today and start your home design journey.