Your shower can be more than just a space in your bathroom to get clean. It can also be a great area to decompress and relax after a long, stressful day. After all, there’s nothing like a nice shower to make you feel rejuvenated. What you probably didn’t know about showers is that they are either curbed or curbless. Now you’re probably wondering, “What is a curbed shower?” and “What is a curbless shower?” Luckily, you can learn the answers to these questions by continuing to read this blog.

What Is A Curbless Shower? 5 Essential Considerations

While a curbed shower has a bump barrier, or curb, between the shower floor and the rest of the bathroom floor, a curbless shower doesn’t have this barrier. This type of shower is ideal for anyone who wants a sleek, modern-looking bathroom and increased accessibility. It’s also fairly easy to clean. However, to fully understand the answer to “What is a curbless shower?” you need to read about the following essential considerations that need to be accounted for in this design.

1. Drainage To Prevent Water Overflow

The best way to ensure you have a highly functional curbless shower is to start by thinking about the drainage system. Without the proper setup for drainage, you could risk overflowing your bathroom with water every time you use the shower. For this reason, experts recommend having a curved center on your bathroom floor and placing the drainage there to direct water into the center.

2. Privacy Considerations

When answering the question “What is a curbless shower?” it’s important to note that this type of shower is a popular choice for open-concept bathrooms. If you’re someone who values privacy in the shower, that may not necessarily be in the cards with a curbless shower, especially if you’re going for an open-concept bathroom. However, there are ways to ensure some semblance of privacy with this type of shower, such as a glass barrier or a curtain.

3. Showerhead Choices

The type of showerhead you choose for your curbless shower can also have a direct impact on water flow. For this reason, think about which showerhead choices will make the most sense for your shower. Specifically, which showerhead makes the most sense to ensure optimal drainage? You can consult a professional to help you determine the right showerhead for this shower.

4. Temperature Control With Floor Heating

Another potential drawback of a curbless shower is the fact that temperatures will be cooler due to the absence of a curb serving as an insulator. If you are someone who prefers warm or hot showers, you can still make that possible by installing heated flooring for your shower. With this feature, you can add some temperature control to your new and improved shower.

5. Tile Options

Finally, with one of the perks of a curbless shower being that it is easy to clean, you want to make design choices that will preserve that quality. One such design choice is related to shower floor tiles. When selecting tiles for this kind of shower, you want to pick ones that are waterproof, textured, and free of grout lines. Grout lines will easily trap dirt and debris, which can lead to your tiles being stained or discolored. By investing in tiles without grout lines, you’ll have an easier time maintaining your curbless shower.

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Consider A Curbless Shower For Your Next Bathroom Remodel!

We hope that this blog has sufficiently answered the question, “What is a curbless shower?” The five considerations for designing a curbless shower will also be helpful if you are thinking of this option for your next bathroom remodel. As for who is best equipped to include a curbless shower in your next bathroom remodel, take advantage of our excellent services at BetterBuilt Builders. Contact us today and kickstart your next remodeling project.