Do you ever find yourself looking around your room, noticing that your space fails to capture your essence? The walls are painfully bland, and they flat-out don’t reflect who you are. Fortunately, you don’t need to inject that ‘wow’ factor you’ve been missing by undergoing a complete overhaul. Sometimes, an accent wall is all you need.

An accent wall will surely give your room the character it’s been silently yearning for. When you embark on this creative journey, it’s like painting a bold statement that reflects your personality without overwhelming the entire space. Learn how to do an accent wall in this blog so you can unleash a burst of color and creativity.

How To Do An Accent Wall

It can be exciting when creating an accent wall. To ensure success, we will show you how to do an accent wall here in just five steps:

Choose the Right Wall

The first thing you need to do when doing an accent wall is, obviously, choose the right wall. You want to select a wall that naturally draws attention, like the one behind your bed. This wall can be the canvas you need to make a stylish statement. Just remember that you are looking to enhance your room, not overpower it with an explosion of color.

Select a Captivating Color

When choosing a color for your accent wall, you want to choose one that captivates anyone who sees it. But this shouldn’t be a color that throws your entire color scheme out of whack. Instead, it should complement your room’s look. There are countless directions you can go, whether you prefer a vibrant jewel tone or a subtle pastel. Just to stay on the safe side, you should also consider the room’s lighting when making your decision.

Play with Lighting

Lighting can make a world of difference. Not only should you take into consideration your room’s natural light, but you can also strategically place lights, like sconces, spotlights, or even fairy lights, to emphasize your accent wall. So, no matter the time of day, your accent wall will always steal the spotlight. Experiment with different fixtures to find the perfect balance you want.

Embrace Patterns and Textures

The beauty of accent walls is that you aren’t limited to solid colors. There are many patterns and textures you can choose from that will add depth to your room. Whether you want a plaid accent wall or geometric shapes to spice things up, incorporating patterns and textures can elevate your accent wall from basic to breathtaking. Just remember, moderation is key; choose a pattern that enhances the room’s aesthetic without overwhelming it.

Furniture as Art

You can up the ante by giving your accent wall a functional twist by turning furniture into art. By adding elements like floating shelves, a stylish bookcase, or an intricately designed headboard, you can create practical storage solutions that double as decor. This approach will add an extra layer of creativity to your accent wall, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

How to do an accent wall

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Create A Room That Speaks Volumes With BetterBuilt Builders

An accent wall can easily transform the entire look and feel of your room. But in order to accomplish this, you must approach it with creativity and attention to detail. By learning how to do an accent wall, you will be able to effortlessly play with lighting and utilize furniture as art to enhance the overall atmosphere.

Make a statement with an accent wall today by relying on the expert builders at BetterBuilt Builders. We want to help you create a room that speaks volumes without saying a word. Once you give our team a call, you’ll be able to watch as your room transforms into a captivating space that reflects your unique style.