Stucco is one of the most popular construction materials in use today. This cement-like compound is formed out of various materials such as lime, Portland cement, sand, and water. A thin stucco coating is usually applied to the top layer of residential and commercial buildings as a finishing touch.

Over the years, stucco has garnered tremendous popularity in the construction industry due to its numerous benefits. This blog will take you through the 7 major advantages of stucco to help you understand the reason behind the fame of this material.

Why Choose Stucco Siding

1. Effective

Stucco is essentially the culmination of dense and heavy materials such as crushed marble, cement, sand, and even water. You get a heavy-duty material with excellent insulating properties, better than vinyl or even brick when you put them all together.

For this reason, a stucco siding in your home can work wonders in reducing the transmission of sound in and out of your home. in addition to this, stucco siding can help mitigate energy losses from your property, thereby improving the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. The end result is a quiet and peaceful home that stays cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

2. Moisture-Resistant

Finishing stucco siding with exterior wall insulation (EWI) system equips your home with moisture and a fungi-resistant exterior. EWI is a cladding system that provides an additional protective layer to the exterior of your home. This extra layer grants your wall moisture resistance. Seeing as how stucco itself is a good deterrent for microbes such as fungi, combining it with the EWI system will give you a moisture and fungi-resistant home.

3. Fire-Resistant

The two primary materials that go into making stucco are sand and cement. Both these materials are renowned for their ability to stand extreme heat and prevent the spreading of fire. While stucco, just like any other construction material, is not 100% fireproof, it does fare much better than wood and vinyl.

In fact, a coating of stucco only as thick as one inch can add a one-hour fire wall rating to your home. This means that your walls will be able to prevent fire from propagating from one side of the wall to another for at least one hour. This, combined with stucco’s versatility for all types of surfaces, makes it one most popular materials for your home.

4. Durable

Stucco siding durability

Given that proper installation and upkeep of stucco is ensured, stucco siding can last for over 50 years, which is much longer than many other construction materials. Unlike other siding options, stucco has the ability to expand and compress in response to weather conditions.

This helps prevent the induction of excessive thermal and mechanical stresses within the material, in doing so, keeping it from sustaining major structural damages. Stucco is also resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, all of which can eat away the structural components of your property had they been made of materials such as wood.

5. Versatile

No other home siding material offers the same level of flexibility in terms of texture, color, and application as stucco. Smooth, gritty, swirling, and even morphed into figures to add architectural elements are all possibilities. Additionally, stucco can be applied to almost any surface.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Stucco sidings can add a great deal of curb appeal to your home, regardless of how old it may be. Stucco’s flexibility allows you to do a lot with it to create a unique home exterior that will last for years. Furthermore, the artistry that goes into high-quality stucco draws admirers from all around the world.

7. Low Maintenance

Stucco sidings are easy to maintain and do not require frequent upkeep, unlike most other materials. Any minor cracks can easily be dealt with by applying sealants or paints to restore the finish to its original condition. Additionally, yearly pressure washing of the siding would suffice to keep dirt from accumulating in the pores.

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