One of the most sought-after and most popular flooring choices currently in homes across the country is wooden flooring. When homeowners think of future resale value, there is nothing more appealing to prospective buyers than refinished hardwood flooring. In fact, according to Realtor.com, homeowners can recover 70% to 80% of their investment in the refinishing of hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, not everyone has beautiful hardwood flooring they can reclaim. But there are other ways to achieve the luxurious feel of wooden flooring. 

Whether you decide to use real wooden flooring or fake wooden flooring, you can achieve gorgeous results in your home. The popular trend of installing wooden flooring has evolved into creating mesmerizing wood flooring patterns. In this blog, we’ll discuss six different types of wood floor patterns you can try in your home to refresh and rejuvenate the space. 

6 Gorgeous Types of Wood Floor Patterns

Horizontal Strips

horizontal strip

The horizontal strip pattern is probably one of the most common types of wood flooring patterns contractors and homeowners alike decide on. Not only is it a timeless and classic look, but it’s also simplistic and versatile. If you’re the type of homeowner that wants beautiful flooring that doesn’t take away from the decor in the space, this is the pattern for you. 

Better yet, the horizontal wood flooring pattern is easy to install. Because this design is a standard in the industry, you can choose horizontal wooden flooring that comes in click-together flooring. What does this mean? Click-together flooring is a type of flooring that has grooves that lock together, much like puzzle pieces. Furthermore, if you still want the look of a wooden flooring without the upkeep, laminate and vinyl plank (LVT) options are available in the same click-together flooring. These alternatives are durable, and vinyl planks are scratch-resistant and waterproof. 



In the same layout as horizontal strips, the mixed-width pattern is a type of wood floor pattern that takes the classic look of traditional horizontal strips and expands on the idea. Mixed-width patterns involve using different widths of planks to create an intricate design. Much like horizontal strips, mixed-width is also an easy flooring type to install. Whether you install it traditionally with nails or glue or find a click-together option, keep in mind the importance of ensuring the flooring is installed correctly. There are water-resistant wood flooring options, but again, the flooring must be installed properly to ensure the floor is waterproof.

Diagonal Strip

As you might expect, a diagonal strip is a pattern that uses wood pieces at different angles–to be exact, at 45-degree angles from the edge of the room. Believe it or not, this is also an easy pattern to install. This is because you can install it exactly like horizontal strip patterns, just by orienting it at different angles from your walls. The diagonal strip is an excellent way to open up a room due to its illusion and depth. 

Herringbone Parquet

herringbone parquet

The herringbone pattern is a classic. Believe it or not, this pattern dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used in the building of its roadways. This paving system was built on top of crushed stone and absorbed footfall, making it durable and effective. Nowadays, it’s a popular wood flooring pattern. The herringbone pattern can be achieved with many different types of wood flooring and comes in some click-together options in laminate and vinyl planks. Unlike other types of wood flooring patterns, we recommend you hire a professional to install this pattern. 

Chevron Parquet

chevron parquet

Not to be mistaken for the herringbone pattern, the chevron pattern also has a long history. The easiest way to tell herringbone and chevron apart is to remember that herringbone is a 90-degree angle pattern while chevron is a 45-degree angle pattern. Much like herringbone, it is a difficult wood flooring pattern to install. A professional flooring contractor is also recommended for this pattern. This can be a more expensive task because of the difficulty of ensuring each plank is laid out at the correct angle and lined up with the rest. 

Square Basket

square basket

Also known as the checkerboard pattern, the square basket pattern is another classic. This pattern’s warm, homey feeling can be achieved by placing boards in a contrasting, alternating pattern. Think of this pattern as basketweaving. Installation is tricky, especially since click-together options may not be useful. While some pre-manufactured wood comes in this pattern, it is a more expensive option. 

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