Curbless showers bring a lot of benefits to any bathroom. They are accessible, great for a modern interior, and easy to maintain. If you are someone who is considering changing your current shower to a curbless one, you might be in the market for some design inspiration. A new shower should be an opportunity to revamp your bathroom’s appearance, and there’s no better place to start than by looking at different creative curbless shower ideas.

5 Creative Curbless Shower Ideas

It’s not always easy to think of new ideas, especially if you’re designing something new. Luckily, you can start brainstorming by checking out these five curbless shower ideas that will surely enhance your daily life:

1. Industrial-Style Screen

There are ways to maintain privacy with a curbless shower. One type of barrier that can work for this shower is a factory or industrial-style screen. This type of screen has simple lines and tinted or frosted screens. It doesn’t need to cover the entire view of the shower, but just enough so that you can still maintain the simplicity that’s characteristic of a curbless shower. This addition is especially ideal if you want a modern or contemporary bathroom.

2. Interesting And Vivid Tiles

No bathroom or shower is complete without the right tiles. You can choose tiles with interesting and elaborate patterns depicting nature or geometric shapes. Tiles with a solid, sleek appearance are also worth considering. When it comes to specific tile materials, two unique ones to choose from are ceramic wood and glass mosaic tiles.

If you like the idea of having natural wood in your bathroom but aren’t keen on the risks of mold and mildew, ceramic wood tiles are the way to go. These tiles are waterproof, durable, and give your shower floor or wall a natural-wood look. Glass mosaic tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and can brighten your shower and bathroom walls. If you have a mostly white shower or bathroom, glass mosaic tiles can add some vibrancy to complement it.

curbless shower ideas tiles

3. Natural Or Faux Stone Walls

Are you someone who wants to feel like you’re escaping into a tropical paradise when showering? Adding natural or faux stone walls to your curbless shower can bring that aesthetic to your bathroom. If you want to take it a step further, you can include plants in your shower as decorations and install a rainfall showerhead.

4. Large Window With Privacy Film

If you want more natural light to come into your shower, this curbless shower idea is worth considering. If your curbless shower is against a wall or positioned in a way that it would be possible to install a window, you can do just that. More specifically, you can install a large window with privacy film. The privacy film itself can also come in any color you want, like blue or green. You’ll be able to bask in the natural light while also maintaining your privacy with this feature.

5. Gold Accenting

If you like white or off-white shower and bathroom designs, you can easily complement that color with gold accenting on different parts of your shower. From the showerhead to the trim and valves, this curbless shower idea will bring much-needed warmth to your bathroom. In fact, of all the curbless shower ideas in this blog, this one is ideal if you prefer a rustic design for your bathroom.

Bring Your Curbless Shower Ideas To Life With BetterBuilt Builders!

These five creative curbless shower ideas will hopefully allow you to start planning your upgrade. If you want more help finding inspiration for designing your curbless shower, you can always ask for help from a remodeling contractor. Luckily, if you live in the San Jose area, you have access to our creative and dedicated team at BetterBuilt Builders. Contact us today, and we will bring your curbless shower ideas to life.