Is your home cramped? Is the space you had last year suddenly gone? Many homeowners are in a predicament when they find that the space in their homes simply isn’t cutting it anymore. There are only two options: move or create a home addition. If a home addition makes sense with your home’s structure and the size of your lot, you might find this is the better option. Home additions must be carefully considered, however. Before getting started, it’s best to weigh the benefits of a home addition. 

Pre-Home Addition Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’ve decided to create a home addition instead of moving, you likely already have a budget in mind. This might seem like the most important factor, but there are still a few other considerations to keep in mind. 

Architectural Plans

Do I have room? Some homeowners might find themself considering a home addition, but this could mean intruding on precious yard space. This could mean a home addition might not be for you. Additionally, it’s important to consider land-use codes. It’s possible that where you live might not allow any home additions. For example, in Milpitas, CA, regulations and zoning guidelines must be adhered to. These guidelines could severely limit the amount of space you have for a home addition, depending on the type of home addition you’re looking to do. 

Will this fix my space problem? When homeowners face the issue of a severe lack of space, the instant answer might be to create a home addition to rectify the issue. But it’s important to look at the floorplan and the changes you want to make and ask yourself if this will fix the issues with your home. This could mean revisiting the floorplan changes and finding a different part of the home to add the addition. 

Benefits of a Home Addition

The benefits of a home addition are numerous. To name a few, home additions allow you to create something entirely “you,” are the best way to add space, and have a great cost-value ratio. 

Home additions allow you to create something in your style: Oftentimes, when we buy a new home, the only way to add personal touches is to furnish it in our aesthetic style. The exterior siding or stonework is something homeowners don’t get a choice in when they purchase a home, but when the decision to invest in a home addition is made, they get the choice to create something that is entirely their own. Building an addition to your home brings all the thrill of designing your own home without having to build a new home. 

Home additions allow you to add space where it was lacking: There is no better alternative to adding space to your home than a home addition. Home additions add value to your property and your quality of life at home. As it stands, there are many different types of additions homeowners can invest in. These include room additions and finishing basements.

Room additions are great because they can enlarge a room, but the problem is they are a relatively small project. Home additions, on the other hand, are excellent for creating multiple rooms instead of adding onto one. Finishing basements are also a popular type of home addition, but the downside is that they lack windows and natural sunlight and don’t add square footage to your home. 

Remodeled Kitchen

Home additions allow you to see a return on investment: According to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide, homeowners may recover 65% of the cost of a mid-range two-story addition at the time of sale. This is a sigh of relief for most homeowners who worry home improvement projects won’t benefit them in the long run. Furthermore, it is typically cheaper to add a home addition than to buy a new home with equal square footage to your current home, plus the additional square footage of the home addition you’re considering. 

Home Addition Contractors Near You

During a free estimate, BetterBuilt Builders will help you determine if a home addition is best suited for your home. We’ll work with you on the floor plan and design to make your ideas a reality. No matter the case, our team can complete the project using more than 15 years of experience and industry knowledge we have garnered. Give us a call or visit the contact page to fill out the form. Schedule a free estimate with our team to start expanding your home.