Even when there isn’t a pandemic ravaging the world, a home office is great if you want a space to be productive without leaving your house. If you’re someone who uses their home office quite a bit, you might be thinking about ways to reinvigorate your workspace beyond just redecorating or renovating. You might be thinking of going a step further by remodeling your home office. But what would a home office remodel look like for you? While everyone’s tastes differ, check out these four home office remodel ideas that will hopefully inspire you. 

4 Home Office Remodel Ideas 

A home office remodel can increase your home’s value and reinvigorate your own productivity at home. While there are many ways to remodel your home office, here are four ideas to help you get started. 

1. Repurpose An Unused Room Or Space 

Is there an extra bedroom that hasn’t been used since your kids moved out? Is there a closet space that never gets used? Or is there any part of your home that has ceased in its original function over the years? If this is the case for your home, you can repurpose that space to turn it into a new home office or an addition to an already existing home office. Empty closets have become a popular option for creating more home office space in the form of a “cloffice.” 

2. Add A Nook

If you want a little more space for books or an extra space that isn’t just your workspace, you can add a nook to your home office. If more than one person in your home needs a place to focus on their work, that nook can also be an additional, if smaller, work area in your home office. As long as you believe your home office will benefit from additional space, consider including a nook as a possible addition. 

home office remodel ideas nook

3. Upgrade Your Technology

One of the easiest ways to go about remodeling your home office is by upgrading all the technology. If you are using a desktop from 2010, it’s time to catch up with the times. If you’ve been incorporating smart home technology in your life, including your home office in that transition. You can also add Bluetooth to play music while you work and even give yourself a look at your home security system from your home office too. Of all the home office remodel ideas, be sure to include this one so you can even see improvement in your own productivity. 

4. Stay Active With A Recreational Space 

It can be hard to stay productive when you spend nearly all day sitting and typing away on your computer. Before you know it, it’s almost dinner, and you barely have any time left in the day to get in your steps. You can include recreational equipment if you plan to expand your home office space as part of your remodel. A treadmill desk is a popular option for staying productive without sacrificing your need to be active. If you have kids, you can add a small play area so that your kids can stay entertained while you get to work. 

BetterBuilt Builders Will Go Above And Beyond For Your Remodel! 

You should feel more inspired after checking out these four amazing home office remodel ideas. As soon as you have home office remodel ideas of your own, BetterBuilt Builders can work with you to bring those ideas to life. Once you know your budget and what you want for your home office, you’ll be ready to start. Contact us today for the best remodel you can possibly imagine.