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What is Stucco Siding?

Stucco is a type of siding made of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. It is traditionally applied over a wire or wood mesh. Most applications require three coats, while some recent adaptations only require one. Stucco is rarely painted as it often has pigments mixed with it. As it cures, stucco will create a texture unlike other types of siding materials. While you may think you can install stucco yourself, it should be handled by experienced stucco contractors in San Jose.

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Stucco Contractors
Stucco Contractors

Advantages of Stucco

San Jose is a great place to have stucco siding for your home because of the hot and dry climate. The textured barrier makes it extremely durable against fires. In fact, stucco has a one-hour fire rating, meaning it can prevent fire from getting past for an hour. This is an especially important quality for California, where fires persist in the hot, dry climate.

Another advantage to having stucco for your home is the customization options. Stucco can be practically any color or any texture. Dyes are added to the mix before application, so painting is unnecessary. Traditionally, stucco was applied to homes with clay or terracotta tiles. Today, stucco can be found on the outside of all types of homes.

The lifespan of stucco siding is greater than vinyl siding. On average, vinyl siding lasts between 20 to 40 years, while stucco may last 50 or more years. Proper care and installation by stucco contractors are absolutely critical in prolonging its life. This is especially great since stucco is one of the most affordable siding materials available.

Finally, stucco benefits your home’s energy efficiency. Stucco acts as a better insulator than brick or vinyl siding. The fact that stucco is seamless and is applied in multiple layers allows it to provide a greater insulating factor. You can expect noise to be reduced as well since it is made of denser materials.

Disadvantages of Stucco

As professional stucco contractors, BetterBuilt Builders cannot offer comprehensive stucco siding services without outlining all the details. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. We believe it is important to tell you everything about your home’s materials so you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Like everything else, stucco has a few disadvantages for your home. The biggest problem with stucco is its susceptibility to moisture. Since San Jose has a dry climate, moisture is less of a problem. Stucco is not best suited for cool and wet climates because moisture can enter potential cracks. When the moisture freezes, it does more damage to the integrity of the stucco. Again, this disadvantage is less of a problem for San Jose residents.

For San Jose residents, the greatest disadvantage is the lack of foundation stability. Stucco is relatively brittle, so when the home’s foundation shifts, it can create serious cracks in the siding. Earthquakes are a prevalent problem in California, meaning your stucco siding could experience serious damage. With that said, repairing stucco is easier than vinyl siding because cracks can be filled without removing large portions of the siding.

Finally, a drawback for DIYers is stucco is best handled by professionals. Stucco is not DIY-friendly, so it is important you hire experienced stucco contractors. Only then will you be able to ensure your siding is installed correctly and stands the test of time.

Hire the Right Stucco Contractors

Are you ready to make the change to stucco siding, or are you ready to install new stucco for your home? The stucco contractors at BetterBuilt Builders can help you apply this affordable and beneficial siding to your home. Give us a call today for a free estimate, or fill out the form on our contact page. Regardless of the disadvantages, stucco is capable of maintaining the beauty of your home for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install stucco?

On average, it takes three to five days to install stucco siding. The size of your home and the weather may impact the timeline.

Is stucco waterproof?

Stucco is not entirely waterproof. It does have a permeable surface, so some moisture will make its way into the materials over time.

How much does stucco siding cost?

On average, the cost of stucco siding ranges from $6.53 to $9.55 per square foot. Many factors will impact the price of your stucco siding such as the area you live in, the square footage of your home, the contractor, and more. Give our team a call today to get a free estimate for your stucco siding project.

Can I paint my stucco siding?

Yes. You can paint stucco if it has lost its color or you prefer a different color than when it was applied. If your stucco is old enough, you may consider installing new stucco with the pigment your desire instead.

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