Most attics are glorified storage spaces. They store anything from photographs and holiday decorations to supplies and old clothing. Although an attic works well as a storage space, don’t you think it could be used for much more?

If you’ve wondered this yourself, then why not make a change? An attic can be turned into whatever you want, whether it be a guest room or a game room. If you want to know how to go about this change, learn how to remodel an attic into a room in this blog.

How To Remodel An Attic Into A Room

Remodeling can be a long process that sees one’s vision come to life. With the right team, you can create practically whatever you want within reason. Here is how to begin:

Inspect Your Attic

Before you can start the remodeling process, you need to ensure that your attic is built and ready for a transformation. Is the space accessible? Is it clean enough to proceed further? Are there any rodents or damages that must be fixed? These are the questions you must ask yourself and get the answers to.

Furthermore, your attic needs to meet building codes to ensure everything is good to go. The ceiling needs to be at least 7 feet from the floor, or you should make it so. The floor space must have at least 70 square feet.

You also need to ensure that the floor joists can support the weight of this transformation. For your attic to be considered accessible, it must have at least 6 feet and 8 inches of headroom along the stairway, which should be 36 inches wide. However, you can’t accomplish any of this successfully without a contractor to assist you.

Hire A Contractor

A contractor will help you determine if every building code is met. They will make sense of the permits and laws while creating your dream room.  A contractor will work with you to plan and organize the project.

Depending on the contractor you choose, they will either complete the task themselves or employ the necessary personnel for the job. For everything to go as planned, they will keep in touch with the handymen as the project continues. Make sure you choose a reputable and experienced contractor. They will maintain communication, multitask, and do anything else that is needed for the project to be completed accordingly.

Determine Budget

Another great part about having a contractor is that they help you budget. They will make estimates for the services and collaborate with you to stay within your budget. You deserve nothing less than a  qualified and reliable contractor that will make adjustments to fit your budget. They will even acquire the necessary materials for the project and add their cost to the overall budget.


Since an attic isn’t built to be a living space, it most likely won’t have the ventilation and insulation to transform it into a room. During this remodeling process, be sure that you get your attic insulated and provided with the ventilation to remain comfortable. This would mean that your space won’t be affected by the outside weather, and you will have the ideal temperature set for you.

How To Remodel An Attic Into A Room

Call BetterBuilt Builders To Remodel Your Attic

With the information in this blog, you will be more than ready to begin the remodeling process for your attic. Learning how to remodel an attic into a room is useful, but you won’t be able to get the job done without a reliable team, which you can find with BetterBuilt Builders. We’ve reconstructed and built homes from the ground up, so you can be sure your attic is in good hands. So don’t hesitate to contact us today to build the attic of your dreams.