Are you tired of the current stucco on your home’s exterior? Are you looking for a change of pace? Many homeowners find themselves wondering, “can you put siding over stucco,” and the answer is yes! If you’re wondering if you can put siding over stucco, you’re in luck. Siding is a very popular choice for homeowners. It’s traditional, charming, and a popular choice with many customization options. Let’s go over how to properly put siding over stucco and the benefits of doing so.

Can You Put Siding Over Stucco?

As stated above, you can put siding over stucco. But before you do so, there are several things you must do first to ensure the installation is correct and successful. Vinyl siding isn’t directly mountable to the old stucco on the exterior of your home. You have to prep the stucco beforehand before installing it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put siding over stucco

Step 1. Repair Any Imperfections in Your Stucco

Before any siding can be installed, it’s important to ensure the integrity of your stucco is sound. It might seem redundant to repair something that is going to be covered up in the end, but it is incredibly necessary. Any imperfections or cracks on the surface of your stucco could be due to water damage. The repairs don’t have to be visually appealing, as siding will cover it, but they need to be well done. The important thing to remember in this step is that the stucco needs to be devoid of water damage. 

Step 2: Install Furring Strips

Furring strips are thin wooden structures, like joists, that lift structures up. Furring strips act as a base you can hammer siding into. Nails should be hand-nailed instead of with a nail gun. For installation, predrill furring strips 8 inches apart and secure with concrete nails. The strips should be installed vertically to the stucco every 16 inches. Furthermore, add these strips to the wall’s outer edges, next to doors, and next to windows. This also allows room for insulation to be installed between the boards.

Grey vinyl siding installed by a homeowner who wanted to know whether it was possible to put siding over stucco.

Step 3: Install Insulation

While this step is up to you, for energy efficiency, we think this step is pertinent. Choose an insulation board depending on the thickness of the furring strips you installed in the last step. Cut the insulation board so it fits between the furring strips, and use the appropriate adhesive to attach the insulation. 

Step 4: Install the Siding

The type of siding you choose to put over your stucco will dictate how you install it. But no matter what siding you choose, first attach any trim around the windows, corners, and doors prior to installing the siding. Then, working from bottom to top, attach the siding to the furring strip every 16 inches, making sure to overlap each attaching row. 

Reasons to Put Siding Over Stucco

There are several reasons why homeowners choose siding over stucco. These reasons are why many homeowners choose to pivot from stucco to siding. If any of these seem like a good option for you, it might be best to put siding over stucco. 

  • Weatherproofing: Vinyl is an excellent protector against weather conditions and water damage as it doesn’t absorb moisture. This prevents vinyl siding from water-prone damage such as discoloration and cracking.
  • Desire for Change: Stucco has fabulous aesthetics but doesn’t have the same customization options that siding has. Vinyl comes in different styles and sizes, whereas stucco only has color options.
  • Cracks on Stucco Walls: If you’re tired of cracks and having to repair them, vinyl siding is the best choice. Putting siding over your stucco is a great option to cover imperfections.
  • Water Damage to Stucco Walls: Stucco is more durable than vinyl siding but is permeable to water and water damage. Heavy rain and harsh weather conditions can wear down stucco and cause it to break and fall apart. 

We Can Help You Put Siding Over Stucco

The exterior of your home deserves just as much attention as the interior of your home gets. If you are fed up with stucco or simply want a change, don’t hesitate to contact BetterBuilt Builders. We are one phone call away to help you transform the exterior of your home. If you’ve decided vinyl siding is for you, contact our home improvement specialists.